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Malaria Control and Prevention

Mosquitoes(female anopheles) which when bites transmit the plasmodium parasites which causes malaria can easily be prevented from biting humans and animals by the use of mosquito repellents. We there for decided to manufacture organic mosquito repellent to contribute to solving this socio-medical problem from the grassroots.



Mosquitoes not a friend not a problem.

We customize our products for Hotels ,Restaurants, individuals , shops etc. The citronella and 15 extra herbal extracts in the candles are very safe and effective to repel all bitting insects especially mosquitoes and Sandflies. Wall geckos also HATES it to the core.

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FDA certified mosquito repellent products proudly made in Ghana. We manufacture mosquito repellent Candles,lotion,soaps and body/clothing sprays. we are filling the gap between the early evening and late night before sleeping in the mosquito treated nets.

Again, our waste water from the use of the soap prevents mosquito eggs from hatching as well as killing mosquito larvae. this is our grassroots approach to malaria prevention in Africa .

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